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Nahid Kennedy has Broken Ground!

We’re pleased to announce that Nahid Kennedy, our latest development at 615 Kennedy Road, has broken ground!

Nahid Kennedy Construction Update: April 2022

There’s tons happening on site at Nahid Kennedy as the Diverso Energy crew drill 50 geothermal boreholes of up-to 800 ft. in depth & tap into the thermal energy underground. This will allow Nahid Kennedy to be completely heated & cooled by an environment-friendly geothermal system and raise it’s rank to a green energy building.⁣

Nahid Kennedy Is Going GREEN!

The equipment in Nahid Kennedy suites are the same as any other building, however, the entire heating & cooling system is simplified by no longer requiring a cooling tower & heating boilers. This will ultimately help reduce condo fees long term by eliminating repairs & maintenance as well as the reserve fund for future replacements.

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