What We Do

Nahid is a development company focused on improving the lives of our clients and community members by providing them with innovative, high quality, secure homes that are suited to their requirements and needs.

Since 2017, Nahid has dedicated itself to giving back to the community through creating safe, sustainable, advanced, and vibrant urban communities that embrace the essential aspects of a good life and enhance the standard of living for all residents.

Our team consists of highly experienced, well educated, and skilled professionals who are passionate and motivated to help Nahid bring its vision to life.

Nahid, Brightest of Homes

Nahid refers to Venus, the Hesperus of the morning and evening sky. It is the brightest star in the night sky. Nahid represents the philosophy that is instilled in all our projects. Our buildings are designed to evolve and brighten up each neighbourhood they are designed within.

Nahid is our story towards forming communities of like-minded, diverse families and individuals living better lives. Through this initiative, we are creating optimal housing options linked together by their foundation in sustainability, innovation, and technology.


At Nahid, our mission is to develop reliable buildings that promote a high-quality lifestyle and elevate the surrounding neighbourhood. We strive to offer the best possible living options where anyone would be proud to call home.


Our vision is to make the world a better place by giving people vibrant urban communities to live in, better spaces to grow in and to inspire innovation and change in a safe and pleasurable environment.


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